Yihai Property

Yihai Property Management Group

Yihai Real Property Group affiliated to Yihai Group, was founded in 1994 as one of the earliest national brand enterprises entering into the property management fields in the foreign investment form. Currently, the total property service area managed by the company has reached 6.8 million m2, with the service types involving the star-level office buildings within the special and large residential community, apartment service market for aliens, schools and high-grade commercial facilities, and other business models. The served projects are widely scattered in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen and Hunan, etc. 

At the same time, Yihai Real Property Group set up Yihai Property Management College, as the study and training base to cultivate the professional property management talents as well as the cradle for the cultivation of the property management talents. The college will organize all kinds of training each month.  Our lecturers are composed of three different teachers: firstly, the externally appointed professional lecturers; secondly, headmasters of all Yihai schools; and thirdly, the internal senior employees within Haiyi Real Property Group. The training contents involve the professional technology and management experience and also all aspects related to the property management to strengthen the improvement of the comprehensive abilities of each individual employee as the target, improve the knowledge level and basic skills of the employees, cultivate the specialized and versatile inter-disciplinary talents, strengthen the organization core capacity, thus enhancing the overall level of the property management team and the knowledge level and basic skills of employees. 

Management Projects

Management Projects under Yihai Property Management Group

  • Residential Building
  • Commercial Building
  • Hotel
  • Office Building
  • Education Institutions

Our achievements

Your selection of Yihai is not only the selection of a cooperative partner but, most importantly, the selection of a powerful backup with the professional logistics management team. We will provide you with the most regulatory and considerate property service in the most delicate, professional management model so as to relieve you of any future anxieties and worries and ensure that this project can facilitate you to achieve the goal of preserve and appreciate the project value to the maximum!