Talking about “One Belt One Road” and Writing the friendship between China and Serbia

On Nov.2nd, 2015 (Serbian local time), a Chinese delegation consisting of Linda Wong, the chairperson of Yihai Group, Qi Liu, vice mayor of Harbin and other seven people met mayor Tihomir Petupvic at Užice, and witnessed the agreement for Harbin and Užice to become friendly cities to each other.

After the end of the signing ceremony, the representative of both cities shook hands. In order to celebrate this agreement, both cities exchanged their unique gifts.

The mayor of Užice introduced the significant history position of Užice in Serbia, also stated that Užice and Harbin have a lot characters in common, and hoped that both cities can make a progress by learning from each other. He said, there are many projects in economy development between China and Serbia, and hoped Užice and Harbin can cooperate more in the future.

Vice mayor Liu said, the foundation of friendly cities between Harbin and Užice will open up a gate for development between the two cities, provide more chance to cooperate, promote the relationship of citizens, deepen the cooperation of “one belt one road” strategy, fasten the co-development in economy, education, high-technique, culture, travelling and public service. We sincerely welcome our friends from Serbia to go to Harbin, know Harbin. We expect our long friendship, co-development and a better future.

Linda Wong, the chairperson of Yihai Group, said, “Last time Premier Keqiang Li and I visited Serbia, and we sit here and signed this agreement today. It takes a lot of effort. This tells us we can succeed as long as we can persist. By visiting Serbia seven times and Užice four times, I get to know this country and city more and more. Užice is a historic city, which is quite similar to Harbin, with most Orthodox churches in the city, twelve of which keep in good phase and four of which are still in use. This makes Harbin and Užice similar with each other in culture and religions. Yihai Group promises to assist the cooperation for further investment opportunities between Harbin and Užice. And we also welcome all the leaders of Užice to visit Harbin.

During this visit, government of Užice welcomed us warmly, arranged delegation to visit Užice Museum, investigate city of Užice. Meanwhile, they held a welcome ceremony at their city hall, showing us Chinese traditional dance and tea performance.

From 1980s, Beijing and Belgrade become friendly cities. Higher management visited each other repeatedly and the relationship develops well. China and Serbia have 35 years friendship. In the recent years, as the Image Ambassador of the friendship between China and Serbia, Linda Wong cares about “one belt one road” strategy, visits Serbia fluently, and seeks development for investment opportunity, information exchange, trade cooperation, infrastructure construction and so on.